angle iron welded steel - brushed silver

Welded Steel Frames – Angle-Iron

We have been building Welded Steel frames in our Cambridge metal shop since the early 1990’s. Using stock steel angle bars that come in a variety of sizes and shapes, we cut, weld, grind and finish each frame by hand. Each Angle-Iron Welded Steel frame comes with a wooden insert, so that it can be fit just like a picture frame with a standard rabbet. The insert is held in place with screws on the outside of the frame. Hanging hardware can be attached to the back of this wooden insert, and deeper profiles will come equipped with a strainer frame.

Often clients assume that our Welded Steel frames must be extremely heavy, but the reality is that depending on the profile, they average about 1.5 pounds per foot. Thus a 1 x 1 profile that measures 24 x 30 would weigh approximately 11 pounds.

The corner weld (or “bead”) on the face of your frame can be ground off, or left on for a more industrial look. We use metal grinders to treat the surface of the steel before it is finished, resulting in a number of different grinding patterns, from rough and industrial to clean and brushed. The final steps occur in our spray booth, where each Welded Steel frame is finished with a protective coating designed for use on steel. This coating contains a UV filtering additive designed to prevent changes to the frame finish due to exposure to light. This finish can also be tinted one of several colors, Satin (Silver), Slate (Dark Gray/Black), Bronze, Emerald, Cobalt (Blue), and Garnet (Red).

Sleek and polished or rough and raw, our Welded Steel frames are truly one-of-a kind.

angle iron welded steel picture frames profile

A Small Selection of our Angle Welded Steel Frames

industrial slate welded steel picture frames

• WS 602 Industrial Slate

raw welded steel picture frames

• WS 600 Raw

industrial satin welded steel picture frames

• WS 600 Industrial Satin

ground gunmetal welded steel picture frames

• WS 611 Ground Gunmetal

satin custom welded steel picture frames

• WS 600 Burnished Satin

ground gloss welded steel picture frames

• WS 603 Ground Gloss

Our selection of welded steel frames is extensive.

We can create any combination of style, shape, size and finish.

Visit one of our locationsemail us or call 800-805-7655 to talk about what will suit your project best.