Arts and Crafts Frames

Our Arts and Crafts (AC) frames evoke the traditional craftsmanship inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th and early 20th century and utilized in the construction of Mission style furniture. We employ various joinery techniques when building our Arts and Crafts style frames, such as mortise and tenon, through-tenon, bridle-joints, and lap joints.

In addition to Quartersawn White Oak, we often use other hardwood species for our Arts and Crafts frames, such as Fishtail Oak, Tiger Maple, and Walnut. As with all of the frames that we manufacture, our molding styles, wood species, and wood finishes are interchangeable, resulting in nearly unlimited options.

A Small Selection of our Arts & Crafts Frames


• AC 026 Fishtail Oak Rosewood
• AC 021 Walnut Walnut Stain
• AC 015 Walnut Medium Brown Black Wax


• AC 001 Tiger Maple Umber 1 Square
• AC 003 Quartersawn Oak Limed White 1 Peg


• AC 002 Tiger Maple Rosewood 1 Peg
• AC 007 Fishtail Oak Umber 2 Peg
• AC 017 Walnut Medium Brown 1 Square


• AC 029 Walnut Walnut Stain White Gold Light Red Rub
• AC 026 Tiger Maple Rosewood Yellow Gold Light Red Rub


• AC 012 Quartersawn Oak Hicham Brown 2 Squares


• AC 012 Quartersawn Oak Hicham Brown 2 Squares
• AC 002 Tiger Maple Rosewood 1 Peg

The possibilities are endless

We can create any combination of style, wood species, shape, size and finish. Please contact us to talk about what will suit your art best.