We supply frame shops across the country…

In addition to our local custom framing business, we sell our finished-corner Hardwood, Steel, Gold Leaf and Aluminum frames to frame shops across the country. Our lead time for frame orders is generally a reliable three weeks, plus time in transit. We offer complete sample sets for each one of our frame collections, and we can happily put you in touch with one our regional sales representatives, or work directly with you if we don’t have a sales rep in your area.

We are always available to answer your questions…

Working together with professional framers means not just making frames for them, but also offering up our own expertise and design capability in the solving of complicated framing projects. We are always available to answer your questions, help with complex designs, field sample requests, and provide pricing quotes. We’re also happy to produce custom color swatches, email diagrams, and design custom moldings with you over the phone. In addition, our entire catalog is available on our website, just follow the link on the “For the Trade” tab.

For more information contact:

sweaver@astreetframes.com – Scott Weaver, Wholesale Frame Manager
info@astreetframes.com – Information

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