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aluminum and exotic wood veneer picture frames
welded aluminum picture frames

Welded Aluminum Frames

Our Welded Aluminum frames have smooth, seamless corners and are offered in brushed silver as well as a variety of durable powder-coated finish colors. Our Museum White powder-coated finish is extremely popular with clients seeking a simple yet beautiful, clean, gallery frame. We have dozens of profile shapes available, from cap moldings to canvas floaters in a variety of widths and depths. Our Flat Aluminum profiles blend the industrial look of Welded Aluminum flat bar stock and the classical element of fine quality exotic wood veneers.

Unlike our Welded Steel frames, we have the capability to custom mill our Welded Aluminum frame profiles to your exact specifications. While much lighter than our Welded Steel frames, our Welded Aluminum Frames come equipped with pre-drilled wood strainer frames for additional strength and structural support.

A Small Selection of our Welded Aluminum Frames

brushed welded aluminum picture frames

• AL 812 Brushed
• AL 821 Brushed

canvas float welded aluminum picture frames

• AL 807 Brushed

angle welded aluminum picture frames

• AL 813 Brushed
• AL 812 Brushed

flat welded aluminum picture frames with hardwood veneer

• AL 851 Brushed Fiddleback Veneer Fern
• AL 852 Frosted Birdseye Maple Natural
• AL 850 Brushed Marble Cake Ebony

powder coated welded aluminum picture frames

• AL 802 Rust
• AL 801 Mica Medium Gray
• AL 800 Cardinal White

custom welded aluminum picture frames

• AL 802 Millennium Black
• AL 802 Light Gray
• AL 804 Museum White

Explore our Welded Aluminum Frames

Our selection of welded aluminum frames is extensive.

We can create any combination of style, shape, size and finish.

Visit one of our locationsemail us or call 800-805-7655 to talk about what will suit your project best.