gold leaf custom picture frame
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yellow gold leaf custom picture frame
yellow genuine gold leaf custom picture frame

Gold Leaf Frames

Working with 23 karat yellow gold, 12 karat white gold, and delicate, champagne-colored 22 karat moon gold, we add stunning accents to our hardwood frames. Our artisans employ the esteemed technique of water gilding, carefully applying leaves of gold by hand over red, black or blue clay, then burnishing them to a perfect finish. It is a painstaking process, preparing each frame with gesso and clay, but there can be no shortcuts. The result is a pairing of exquisite Gold Leaf accents and warm hardwood finishes, creating a singularly beautiful frame.

A Small Selection of our Gold Leaf Frames


• CT 112 Mahogany Rosewood Yellow Gold with S-corner
• CT 107 Mahogany Rosewood White Gold Red Rub with S-corner
• CT 106 Mahogany Rosewood White Gold Light Red Rub with S-corner


• ML 319 Tiger Maple Graphite White Gold Light Red Rub
• ML 359 Mahogany Ebony White Gold Light Red Rub


• CT 100 Maple Museum White Lacquer Yellow Gold
• CT 120 Maple Museum Warm White Lacquer Moon Gold Light Red Rub
• CT 102 Maple Ebony White Gold Light Black Rub


• ML 348 Quartersawn Oak Medium Brown Yellow Gold Heavy Red Rub
• ML 333 Walnut Medium Brown Yellow Gold Light Red Rub


• CL 249 Poplar Red-Black lined with AR 500 Yellow Gold Heavy Red Rub


• CL 258 Cherry Sable White Gold Light Red Rub
• CL 235 Maple Graphite White Gold Red Rub

Our selection of contemporary hardwood frames is extensive.

We can create any combination of style, wood species, shape, size and finish.

Visit one of our locationsemail us or call 800-805-7655 to talk about what will suit your project best.