We work hand in hand with many interior designers…

Not just in our Cambridge and Boston showrooms, but on location as well. Whether designing a clean, contemporary look for new construction or finding the perfect antique frame for a historic property, working closely with designers has always been an important part of our framing business. Because our selection of moldings is so extensive and diverse, designers are never at a loss to find the right look for their clients.

Let our team assist you in the design process…

We invite professional designers to visit either of our design showrooms to take advantage of our selection, and to let our team assist you in the design process. We offer hundreds of fabric and mat board choices, a premium selection of high end glazing products, custom color matching, as well as transportation services in the Greater Boston area and to New York City.

If you like our frames…

…And are not local to the area, please give us a call (or email us) and we can assist you in finding a framer in your location who sells our frames. Or, if you have an existing relationship with a framer you work with, please have them contact us to inquire about getting our frames for you.

For more information contact:

Cambridge & SOWA
info@astreetframes.com – We’ll get you to the right person.

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