Hardwood Frames

When we began the business in 1981, we started off building simple, elegant, gallery style frames, mostly for our Artist friends in Boston’s Fort Point artist neighborhood. These handmade, contemporary “cap mouldings,” distinguished by their spline-corner joinery, are still at the heart of our framing business.

Our Contemporary Frames (CT) are available in beautiful natural hardwood finishes like maple, cherry and walnut, as well as over 40 different solid lacquer colors, including a set of whites, off-whites and grays that we call our “Museum Colors,” finishes that have been manufactured to match Rising Museum mat boards. These solid lacquer finishes are exceptionally smooth and are of the finest quality. Our CT frames are a timeless, classic gallery-style option. Built for museum quality framing, they possess a singularly clean and contemporary appeal.

A Small Selection of our Contemporary Hardwood Frames

Custom built picture frames

• ML 377 Mahogany Rosewood

• ML 348 Walnut Natural Dull Finish
• ML 379 Cherry Rosewood

Maple natureal finish hardwood frames

• ML 354 Maple Natural

Opaque lacquer wook picture frames

• CT 111 Maple Taupe Lacquer
• CT 111 Maple Zinc Lacquer
• CT 111 Maple Museum White Lacquer

Wood species bespoke picture frame

• ML 335 Tiger Maple Veneer Umber

Variety wood grain picture frames

• CT 100 Mahogany Sable
• CT 100 Maple Natural
• CT 100 Ash Light Gray Rub Black Wax

Our selection of contemporary hardwood frames is extensive.

We can create any combination of style, wood species, shape, size and finish.

Visit one of our locationsemail us or call 800-805-7655 to talk about what will suit your project best.