It took 10 expert framers to build a frame for a 12’x5’ photograph of a whale from California-based artist Bryant Austin. The completed frame with photograph weighs 200 pounds and is heading to an Australian art gallery. A lot goes into framing a piece this large. It’s always a good feeling knowing our frames travel the world. Below is a time-lapse video of the framing process.

Details of the Art Framing

  • The photograph was mounted on an aluminum panel before it came to us.
  • The frame is a 3” deep floater frame made of Mahogany with Ebony Finishing.
  • The finished size of the frame with the panel installed is 63″ x 147″.
  • Including the frame, the finished weight of the piece is 200 pounds.
  • A special wooden cleat system was designed to distribute the artwork’s weight evenly once it is hung on the wall.
Art Framing Boston

Why Was a Photo Going to Australia Framed in Cambridge?

This photograph ended up at A Street Frames because we can do things other Boston Area frame shops can’t. In order to fit the photograph into the frame, we mounted the frame to the aluminum panel using a wood substrate specifically designed for this piece. This raised the panel to the appropriate visual depth within the frame. This gave us a framework to secure screws into the substrate, and also provided the panel itself with the rigidity necessary to keep it from moving. Our team met this design challenge head-on to ensure that the piece safely reached The Land Down Under, it’s final destination.