Linna Dean

Linna is a master frame designer and photographer who works out of our A Street Frames Cambridge location. She works closely with galleries in New York City and in Boston to design the best mounting and framing solutions for every work of art. She is also available for walk in clients and has a great eye for finding the perfect framing treatment for everything from kids art to classical paintings.

Linna’s background in art and focus in photography has taught her a deep respect for art and an understanding of many different types of media. Her years in the framing business has allowed her to pinpoint problems and advise the best treatment in conservation as well as framing. She has built up a relationship with many local art conservators and will be sure that your artwork is seen by the right person if it needs additional treatment. Read on for a brief interview and images from Linna’s body of work.

Where did you do your undergraduate study?

I went to Georgia State University for my bachelor’s degree in Photography where I took as many different medium classes as I could including pottery, bronze casting foundry classes, and fiber arts. But I specialized in photography including alternative processes (for example Van Dyke Brown, Cyanotype, and Platinum prints), mural printing, traditional darkroom printing of both color and black and white.


Did you continue on with that focus in photography?

I went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts in photography from University of Oregon in Eugene. There I was able to concentrate more on defining and sharpening my concepts. I studied under Dan Powell who is a master black and white printer and learned more technically there than I had previously.

Black and White

How would you describe your work?

I would classify my work under conceptual art in that I start the process with a thought or concept in mind before I start working and I use whatever medium to achieve that feeling. I have worked using traditional black and white, traditional color, digital, alternative process and sculpture. My concepts tend to revolve around relationships between people by using inanimate objects as a filler for people.

How many years have you been framing?

I have been framing for six years. Although I think I always knew I would end up in framing. When I was finishing graduate school, and I had the series of images that I knew were going into my thesis show, I spent over a month deciding how to frame them. I tried 5 different framing versions before committing to one. I believed even then that the type of frame choices you make can impact the way a piece is viewed and understood. While there is never only one option of how to frame a piece there are some choices that enhance the viewing experience and some that detract. Finding and executing the best options are what I enjoy doing.

Linna Dean

Linna has been with A Street Frames for nearly 2 years and has been an invaluable addition to the A Street Frames community.