t shaped welded steel picture frame

Welded Steel Frames – T-Shapes

To construct our T-Shaped Welded Steel frames, we tack-weld 2 pieces of flat steel bar stock together. Depending on the width of the bar steel we select, we can create shapes with a variety of face widths and depths. The sides of the frame are painted black, which gives the effect of the face of the frame “floating” off the wall. The outcome is distinctively modern, a truly unique and remarkable frame profile.

Like all of our Welded Steel frames, our T-Shaped steel moldings are available in virtually all of our different grinding patterns and finishes, resulting in a multitude of possible combinations. Please follow the link to our online catalog to view the 5 different T-Shaped steel moldings that we offer.

t-shaped welded steel frame diagram

A Small Selection of our T-Shaped Welded Steel Frames

hammered blue welded steel picture frame

• WS 614 Hammered Blue

pitted slate color welded steel picture frame

• WS 619 Pitted Slate

Emerald green welded steel picture frame

• WS 612 Ground Emerald

brushed gloss welded steel picture frame

• WS 613 Brushed Satin

brushed satin welded steel picture frame

• WS 612 Brushed Gloss

Carbon black welded steel picture frame

• WS 615 Carbon

Our selection of welded steel frames is extensive.

We can create any combination of style, shape, size and finish.

Visit one of our locationsemail us or call 800-805-7655 to talk about what will suit your project best.