flat iron with bolts welded steel picture frame

Welded Steel Frames – Flat Iron

Flat-Iron frames consist of welded bar steel atop a beveled, painted wooden substrate, which we can mill to practically any depth. We developed our Flat-Iron series of Welded Steel frames to offer a different look, incorporating a variety of screws on the face to achieve a particular aesthetic. A “no screw” option is also available. Mounting the steel to a wooden substrate gives us the ability to modify the depth of the frame if necessary.

Like our Angle-Iron Welded Steel frames, the steel face of our Flat Iron frames is cut, welded and finished in the same way, but can then be attached to the wooden backing from the face using decorative screws or bolts, or bolted on from the back should you prefer not to see hardware on the face of the frame. Our Flat-Iron Welded Steel frames have a unique, urban, industrial feel, and can be a striking option for many pieces, from mirrors to antique maps and blueprints.

Flat iron welded steel diagram

A Small Selection of our Flat Iron Welded Steel Frames

etched gloss welded steel picture frame

• FI 702 Brushed Satin No Screws

pitted slate oval screws welded steel picture frame

• FI 701 Pitted Slate Oval Screws

ground slate oval screws welded steel picture frame

• FI 700 Etched Slate Oval Screws

Brushed satin welded steel picture frame

• FI 701 Brushed Satin No Screws

zirconia satin with screws

• FI 702 Etched Satin Flat Screws

f-blot welded steel picture frame

• FI 705 Raw with F-Bolts

Our selection of welded steel frames is extensive.

We can create any combination of style, shape, size and finish.

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