“Forever Yours” is the title of Evelyn Rydz’s first solo exhibition, currently on view at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. On Wednesday evening Ms. Rydz and MFA Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art Al Miner gave an engaging presentation of the Artist’s work and her elaborate process.

Evelyn received the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts Traveling Fellowship in 2012, which allowed her to travel to Kamilo Beach, Hawaii, where there is an accumulation of garbage from the world’s oceans that is 10 feet deep in some places. Local currents, strong onshore winds and a low sandy beach that make it a target for floating debris. When Evelyn traveled to Kamilo Beach, she took hundreds of photographs of the debris, which she then re-photographed through a microscope, revealing details previously imperceptible to the human eye. Evelyn then blew up the images and produced beautiful drawings using colored pencil on drafting film.

Evelyn Rydz MFA Exhibit
© 2014 Evelyn Rydz

After the evening discussion and a short Q&A, guests proceeded to the gallery to view the show, which looked elegant. Evelyn’s work takes on a deeper meaning after the viewer reaches a better understanding of her methods and vision.

A Street Frames was honored to help support the artist and this exhibit, currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts through September 14th, 2014.