Best Types of Wood for Picture Frames

What are the best types of wood for picture frames? Currently there are 12 different species of wood that are used across the industry. Of course, some wood species work better than others when it comes to choosing a particular finish, so it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the properties of the different wood species that we here at A Street offer.
Poplar – Grows across most of the eastern U.S.; softest of the hardwoods we offer, also the least expensive; easy to work with; works very well with veneers; yellowish-white in color

MapleMaple – Grows throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada; extremely popular for its beautiful, smooth grain and blond color; very hard, heavy and strong; resistant to abrasion; sands beautifully, takes stain well; best choice for use with one of our opaque lacquers or a clear natural finish