“Working Girls” exhibit on view at Ricco/Maresca was an honor to frame

During the last couple of months, we have had the unique opportunity to frame dozens of 19th Century photographs by photographer William Goldman (1856-1922), for the show, Working Girls, currently on view at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery, in Manhattan. Goldman, who lived and worked as a commercial photographer in Reading, Pennsylvania, was also apparently a regular…

With or Without You by Bebe Beard

Currently on view at our Clarendon Street location “With or Without You”, small drawings by local Boston artist BeBe Beard. Beard is a “one person think tank”. Her artwork blends media and combines equal parts creativity and ingenuity. While all artists experiment creatively, not all invent new approaches to the creative process. The small drawings from the series entitled,”With or Without You”, are examples of artifacts and actions performed and video recorded by Beard.

Linna Dean – Wholesale and Sales at Cambridge

Linna Dean

Linna is a master frame designer and photographer who works out of our A Street Frames Cambridge location. She works closely with galleries in New York City and in Boston to design the best mounting and framing solutions for every work of art. She is also available for walk in clients and has a great eye for finding the perfect framing treatment for everything from kids art to classical paintings.

Linna’s background in art and focus in photography has taught her a deep respect for art and an understanding of many different types of media. Her years in the framing business has allowed her to pinpoint problems and advise the best treatment in conservation as well as framing. She has built up a relationship with many local art conservators and will be sure that your artwork is seen by the right person if it needs additional treatment. Read on for a brief interview and images from Linna’s body of work.

An Interview With A Street Frames Owner, Mark LeSaffre

Laidlaw Group Principal Cindy Laidlaw sits down with A Street Frames owner, Mark LeSaffre for a candid interview on how A Street Frames began and the direction of the company today.

Cindy: How did you get started in the picture framing business?

Mark: I more or less stumbled into it. My first 2 partners and I met at the Art Institute of Boston. After graduating from AIB, were all working at jobs that we were getting tired of and came up with the idea of framing art for artists to support ourselves as artists.

Cindy: Did you have any experience in professional framing?

Mark LeSaffre A Street Frames Owner

Mark: No, none at all. One of us worked in a frame shop, one was a painter/carpenter and I worked at a restaurant as a waiter.

Cindy: Every business needs a little start-up money. How much did you start with?

Mark: We all chipped in $2,500. I got my portion from my grandparents.

Cindy: What was it like during the first couple of years?

Mark: We all needed to keep our other jobs so we could make ends meet, but we loved what we were doing. We started slow, and it took us well over a year before we were actually making a salary. I think it was $50 a week. We did something very smart though. We rented out an entire floor at 205 A Street. We divided the floor into a number of studios and we rented them out. We charged everyone a little more than what we were paying so we didn’t have any rent.

Cindy: Then what happened?

Mark: Well eventually I was able to give up one of my shifts at the restaurant. That was the real turning point. I weaned myself out of the restaurant business after about 3 years.

South End Art Collaboration: Digital Silver Imaging & Griffin Museum

From Guest Contributor J. Sybylla Smith, Curator/Director of Digital Silver Imaging

Sox Shots
Photo from the Sox Shots Exhibit at The Griffin Museum of Photography at Digital Silver Imaging

The story of how and why A Street Frames is sharing space with The Griffin Museum of Photography by Digital Silver Imaging is a story of coincidence, timing and relationship. It is how three arts-related entities forged a collaboration based on trusting that the sum can be greater than the parts. I actually met Mark over cider doughnuts and Christmas trees at Clark Farms through mutual friends!

Designer Spotlight: Kristin Paton

An Interview with Renowned Boston Interior Designer Kristin Paton of Kristin Paton Interiors by Jeff Cadey of A Street Frames Q – How did you discover A Street Frames? I discovered A Street Frames over 20 years ago when I was first living in Boston and working for Reid Canavan, the then “IT” Boston Designer!…