Huge Art Framing – Boston Area

It took 10 expert framers to build a frame for a 12’x5’ photograph of a whale from California-based artist Bryant Austin. The completed frame with photograph weighs 200 pounds and is heading to an Australian art gallery. A lot goes into framing a piece this large. It’s always a good feeling knowing our frames travel…

With or Without You by Bebe Beard

Currently on view at our Clarendon Street location “With or Without You”, small drawings by local Boston artist BeBe Beard. Beard is a “one person think tank”. Her artwork blends media and combines equal parts creativity and ingenuity. While all artists experiment creatively, not all invent new approaches to the creative process. The small drawings from the series entitled,”With or Without You”, are examples of artifacts and actions performed and video recorded by Beard.

Frame Lecture MFA, Boston

Continuing my historical research into the development of frame design and the framing industry, with my inspiration from the Frame Collection at the MFA, I find that Napoleon changed the path of the frame artisan. The modern concept of the “frame shop” comes to us in the 17th and 18th Century. Also the admiration for the “black Frame” is due to the Dutch influence and Trade Market.

Making Your Wood Frame: Part III Finishing

Sample Chips

Sample chips for a variety of finishes


The final step in building a wooden picture frame is applying the finish. With over a hundred finishing options and endless custom colors, finishing is a particular art that we have fine tuned over the years. Many of A Street Frames finishes are stains with a tinted lacquer, but we also use oils or waxes, hand painting with Japan paint or milk paint, gilding, and opaque lacquers. Because of the variety of finishes we offer, the steps vary slightly for each process.

The first step for any finish is to inspect the frame and make sure there are no sanding marks or unfilled imperfections. Often another set of eyes can spot something the sanders missed and it can be sent back for a little extra work.