Artist Spotlight: Mitch Weiss

Self Portrait by Mitch Weiss
Recently, we featured Mitch Weiss’ striking photograph of Lady Gaga that we had the opportunity to frame for this year’s ARTcetera auction. We are fortunate to work with Mitch to frame both his work for exhibits and varied works he has in his own collection.

One look at his portfolio and his work clearly transcends experience. Mitch Weiss’ visual language flows from inspiration by Renaissance craftsmen and artists who valued originality and attention to detail. Weiss’ technical virtuosity allows him to transform images into what he calls “viewing windows,” acting as a medium to portray the core essence of the subject. Weiss has evolved a mature vision usually reserved for decades of experience, all the while, maintaining the energy and daring of his youth. In a world where virtually every hand can hold a camera, Weiss’ touch can be felt in every image he produces. His curiosity toward the world and constant search for insightful narratives can be seen from a small goldfish to sprawling aerial landscapes.